Why exhibit

Warning for exhibitors!

Warning for exhibitors!

ROMEXPO and the Association for Exhibitions Organizing (AEO) inform you upon the actions taken by Expo Guide, Fairguide.com/Construct Data Verlag companies.

These companies contact fairs participants and send them notices and bills regarding unreal ads in their catalogues.

If you are contacted by one of their representatives, we advise you the following:

  • do not fill in the form they’ve sent you
  • If you filled in the form, the AEO through the Great Britain Embassy advises you to ignore any payment solicitation. It is proven that Expo Guide, Fairguide.com/Construct Data try to convince the contacted companies to pay at least the amount that covers the first year of publicity. Do not make any payments!
  • Keep a record of the entire correspondence with Expo Guide, Fairguide.com/ Construct Data. If it is possible, record even the telephonic conversations and inform them on this matter.
  • If you want to answer their letters, please mention them that you’ve been informed by the British and Austrian authorities upon their activities.

The trade fairs and exhibitions are the ideal place

    • For face-to-face interaction between sellers and buyers.
    • For closing commercial contracts.
    • For product releases that enable you to identify the client’s satisfaction level.
    • For new export opportunities – Romexpo offers the best price for international market display.
    • To meet your competition, identify their clients, products, services and prices.
    • To attend the side events and conferences organized during fairs that provide you with support in the assessment of the market and of the upcoming tendencies.
    • To identify the suppliers, subcontractors, representatives, importers and distributors your business needs.